Forster Signs Multi-well Deal with Ridgeway

Forster Drilling Corp. has entered into a multi-well daywork contract with Houston-based Ridgeway Petroleum Corp. to drill wells in the St. John Field, which is located in Eastern Arizona and Western New Mexico.

The field is the largest-known undeveloped CO2 resource in North America. Ridgeway controls the St. John Field with approximately 200,000 acres under lease. Forster is in the process of custom building a Rig to Ridgeway's specifications. Forster anticipates deploying the Rig on or before the end of this week.

Forster Drilling Corporation is engaged in three related business activities:

--Providing contract drilling services to independent oil and gas exploration and production companies;
--Acquiring and rebuilding rotary drilling rigs and manufacturing major rig components; and
--Exploring for, development, production, and sale of oil and natural gas.

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