Schlumberger Publishes Updated Well Cementing Book

Schlumberger has published the second edition of Well Cementing, a comprehensive reference book originally published in 1990. Available from the SPE Bookstore, the book describes current cementing technologies and is supported by full-color illustrations and photographs. Chapters on cement chemistry, cement additives, rheology, mud removal and cement-formation interactions convey theoretical and practical information.

Reviews of special cement systems, mechanical properties of cements, annular formation fluid migration and thermal cements naturally lead to discussions about cementing equipment, job designs, primary and remedial cementing, and cement evaluation. Appendices provide a digest of rheological equations, laboratory techniques and cementing calculations.

More than 20 industry experts representing operators, service companies, manufacturers, government agencies and academia contributed to the book. Dominique Guillot of Schlumberger and Erik Nelson, consultant and retired from Schlumberger, edited this second edition.