Norwegian Petroleum Directorate Completes Investigation of Fatal Accident

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has now completed its investigation of the fatal accident which occurred on the Byford Dolphin on April 17 of this year. A 44-year-old oil worker died after being struck by a 200-kg pipe section that fell from the drill floor onto the level where the man was working. The NPD's investigation has confirmed the causal relations that emerged in the preliminary summary immediately after the accident. In its final report, the Directorate emphasizes that a set of causes led to the accident. These causes include deficient:

  • planning and preparation of work
  • use of safety analyses
  • knowledge and breach of applicable procedures
  • tidiness and orderliness
  • communication and practice in relation to the fact that many work tasks are carried out simultaneously
  • covering of openings in the deck between relevant work areas

The accident took place on the Sigyn field, where Esso is the operator. Statoil is a licensee in the license and was responsible for the operation on behalf of Esso. The rig was on contract to Statoil.

Both Esso, Statoil and Dolphin have now received the NPD's investigation report. Statoil and Dolphin have received notification of orders with a deadline for reply of June 10. The orders entail that both companies must implement a number of measures related to health, safety and environment. HES considerations have not received enough attention through management and work execution, neither as regards Dolphin nor Statoil. On this basis, the Directorate is announcing measures that will affect all of Dolphin's installations and all mobile installations on assignment for Statoil on the Norwegian shelf.