Louis Dreyfus Fairmount Orders Two Barges

On February 15, 2007 the contracts were signed for the construction of two semi-submersible barges for delivery in Summer 2008. The barges have been ordered by Louis Dreyfus Fairmount B.V., the Joint Venture Company between Louis Dreyfus Armateurs SAS, Paris, and Fairmount Marine Investments B.V., Heerjansdam. Each barge will have a Length of 157 meters and a breadth of 36 meters. The deadweight capacity will be approximately 32,000 tonnes.

The barges have been designed for next generation offshore oil- and gas industry requirements for special load-outs, float-overs etc. The barges will meet the highest criteria and standards regarding strength, reliability, redundancy, seakeeping and motion characteristics.

Fairmount Marine B.V. will operate the barges in addition to the already existing fleet consisting of Ocean Seal and Ocean Orc (24,000 TDW) and Gavea Lifter (50,000 TDW).