Powder River Completes Twelfth Weesatche Well

Powder River Basin Gas Corp. has completed the 12th well of the 14 Frio well program on the Weesatche project in Goliad County, Texas. This well - the Dohman #2 - continues the Company's 100% success rate.

The Dohman #2 mirrored the Cuthbert #1 with ten pay zones in the Frio sands. Bottom hole pressure was slightly higher at 1460 psi compared to 1410 psi on the Cuthbert #1. The Dohman #2 will be choked back to between 500 and 600 MCF per day and monitored over the next few weeks for a possible increase in daily production provided there is no drop in pressure. It will be hooked into the production system in approximately one week.

The Taylor #2 and the Cuthbert #1 are now in production. Hook-up was delayed a few days due to rainfall in the area but has now been completed.

"We are excited to be so close to the completion of this project, and it is rewarding to have had such a high level of success. We look forward to finishing the Weesatche project and moving forward with the development of our other acquisitions," stated Powder River Basin Gas Corp. CEO, Brian Fox.

Powder River Basin Gas Corp. is active in production, acquisition, and marketing of crude oil and natural gas properties.