Petrobras Releases July Production Figures

During July Petrobras' total daily average production of oil and natural gas equivalent from Brazil totaled 1,743,756 barrels. Considering oil and LNG production only, the volume produced reached 1,494,461 barrels per day, that is 4% below the result obtained in June which was 1,550,000 barrels/day. This decline in output is due to maintenance on two platforms in the Marlim field and in the Marlim Sul Field Basin. A positive fact was the start of production of the RJS-460 well, on platform P-40, at the Marlim Sul Field, with a flow rate of 14 thousands of barrels per day.

Abroad, 56,909 barrels were produced per day, which is the equivalent of oil, LNG and natural gas a 5.6% increase on the average daily production of the month before. This result is mainly due to the increase of the gas demand in Argentina, which reached the highest level of the year, to the normal operation of the San Alberto gas plant, in Bolivia and to the reestablishment of the production of the Arauca-02 well, in Colombia.

Petrobras' total production in Brazil includes 12,000 barrels/day, as a result of partnerships with other oil companies.