EV Offshore Wins Petrobel Contract

EV Offshore has successfully completed a range of downhole inspection services in the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea. The services were carried out on behalf of the Belayim Petroleum Company (Petrobel), a joint venture between the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and Agip/ENI, the petroleum company of Italy.

Inspections Pave Way for Tie-back Campaign

Since 2005, a series of five successful camera inspection operations were carried out. EV Offshore delivered inspection operations on Baltim N1 from the Rig Key Singapore, Temsah T8 from the Rig Key Manhattan, Temsah TNW2-1-10R from the Rig Adriatic X, the Temsah T7 from the Rig Key Manhattan and Temsah 4 again from the Rig Key Manhattan.

When Petrobel contacted EV Offshore, they were looking for much needed well-intervention camera equipment and inspection services that the company deems critical to all tie-back operations. EV Offshore responded quickly, providing a full suite of well-intervention camera equipment and a team of operators in Cairo just five days after taking the call. Following several runs in-hole from the Rig Key Singapore in the Baltim N1, EV Offshore provided accurate visual information of conditions downhole that may have presented problems during the forthcoming tie-back process.

The visual record made it possible for Petrobel to identify corroded caps in need of removal, the presence and position of debris in the well, the condition of sealing and thread areas in the wellhead, and the overall effectiveness of the well-bore cleanup. Film footage revealed that lugs on a 20-inch corroded cap had sheared off, which meant that the only option was to run a milling tool, rather than waste time continuing to run the cap-pulling tool. Later, while inspecting the Temsah T7 tie-back, Petrobel was able to move ahead with an accurate picture of the condition of the 9-5/8-inch threads.

As a result of this successful inspection campaign, EV Offshore has signed a contract with Petrobel. The new contract, which has already commenced, requires EV Offshore to provide downhole and subsea well-intervention camera inspection services for all Petrobel offshore installations in the region. Over a period of two years the contracted work is worth in excess of US $750,000.00. The inspections that EV Offshore will carry out will allow Petrobel to proceed with plans to execute a major tie-back program with greater speed and confidence, saving time and money. The visual data generated by EV Offshore with its camera inspection equipment will give Petrobel an accurate gauge of the conditions in the wellhead, threads, seal faces, casing, and presence of any debris. Armed with this data, Petrobel will be able to make key decisions as to how to proceed, preventing potentially costly downstream contingencies.

EV Offshore will carry out inspection services with a complete suite of the company's well-intervention camera inspection equipment. The package includes the EVOLeye well-intervention camera system, EVOLRT120 rotate and tilt camera, drill-pipe running tool, centralizers and a full complement of back-up equipment.

"The Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea region is a key market for us, as we expand our services internationally so it is encouraging to see that the seeds of experience we have sown over time in this region are bearing fruit," said David Clover, Operations Director of EV Offshore. "Clearly, Petrobel appreciates the benefits and effectiveness of using the EVOLeye Well-Intervention Camera System as part of its scheduled program, and underlines the value of accurate visual data that reflects the condition of a well before tie-back or completion operations begin. Time and again it has proven to be a service that not only reduces the amount of non-productive time, but also delivers major reductions in operating costs. It is our aim to continue to cultivate a solid relationship with Petrobel, and provide them with the excellent service they have come to expect," he added.

EV Offshore is an oil and gas service company that specializes in the design, manufacture and operation of downhole, well intervention and subsea camera inspection systems, and serves the international upstream and downstream oil and gas industries. Founded in 2000, EV Offshore is known throughout the world for its family of camera inspection systems that improve safety, reduce production downtime and operating costs, and contributes invaluable information to the decision-making process. EV Offshore's camera inspection systems have been deployed in excess of 500 mobilizations to carry out inspection services on behalf of global operators in most oil and gas-producing regions. The company also provides a range of design consultancy services for a wide variety of subsea activities.