Campos Basin Celebrates 25 Years

Petrobras celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first production from Campos Basin earlier this week. Campos Basin, the major Brazilian oil region, which in this two and a half decades approximated Brazil of oil self-sufficiency, generating wealth and development. Petrobras President Francisco Gros and the Company's Board participated in festivities at the "Base Geologo Carlos Walter Marinho Campos", head office of Petrobras Exploration and Production Unit in the city of Macae. Among Petrobras' guests, the mayors of the municipalities of Campos Basin influencing areas, North Fluminense and Região dos Lagos, in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

25 years ago, the domestic oil production was of approximately 160 thousand daily barrels and Brazil imported more than 80% of the consumed oil. Today, the situation is the reverse: imports are restricted to 20% of demand and Petrobras produces around 1 million 510 thousand oil barrels/daily (average of the 1st semester of the current year), thanks specially to the Campos Basin production of 1 million 226 thousand barrels daily, representing more than 80% of the total produced in the country.

In order to mark the Campos Basin's 25 years, Petrobras inaugurates the monument "From 25 to Infinity", in front of Praia Campista, at the Company’s Base in Macae. The commemorative mark was designed by a Company’s artist, Suzana Rastelli Sattamini, a Petrobras Research and Development Centre (Cenpes) sculptor and oil engineer, winner of an on-site contest which selected the best project. Besides, a commemorative ECT stamp will be launched, which will be used in correspondences originated in Macae, Campos and Cabo Frio. The festivities held at Imbetiba Base's patio will be closed after the Company’s President speech, and execution of the National Hymn and presentation of the Campos Basin Chorus.

"From 25 to Infinity", a four-meter height monument, assembles stone and steel, symbolizing the interaction of technology and nature, equipment and sea, the communion of platforms works with the beauty of the ocean. The stone cut "Juparana Raphaello" granite, originated from Macae, represents Campos Basin deep sea sand banks, and two undulated stainless steel entwined webs make number 25 appear, crossed over by a metal tubular tower representing piping utilized for oil production. The ECT commemorative stamp presents an offshore platform drawing positioned upon an oil field.