JSC Gazprom Neft Increased Oil Production in Khanty-Mansijsk Area

JSC Gazprom Neft increased oil production in 2006 in the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District by 44.3%- to 6,503,494 tons.

According to the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District oil, gas and mineral resources department oil production in the District in 2006 increased by 2.9% in comparison with the last year and now it is 275,602,000 tons. In December 2006 a cumulative oil production was 23, 587,000 tons.

The oil production growth in the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District is observed in other companies represented in the District as well. For example, JSC Surgutneftegaz produced 65,309,442 tons of oil in 2006 that is by 2.7 % more than in the last year.

Besides, a significant gas production growth is seen in the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District. A cumulative gas production in 2006 increased by 5.8 % in comparison with 2005 and now it is 29,116 BCM.