Oilex Reinitiates Testing Ops at Cambay 72

Oilex Ltd on Monday reported on the progress of the Cambay 72 re-entry and test program in Cambay Field, Gujarat, India.

John Energy's rig "John-50-V" commenced moving to the Cambay-72 well-site on January 20 2007 and initiated re-entry operations on January 22 on a 12 hour day basis. To date, cement plugs have been drilled out, the casing circulated clean and pressure tested and wireline logging operations carried out. Importantly, a well velocity survey has been completed which will allow Oilex to calibrate the newly acquired Cambay 3D seismic survey data for the first time.

Ongoing operations will include perforating the casing to test the Eocene sandstone encountered at the base of the well. Depending on the results of this lower test, a testing program will also be carried out on shallower Oligocene reservoirs which had indications of hydrocarbons while drilling.

The re-entry and testing program on Cambay-72 will be continuing for a period of time and further weekly operations updates will be provided.

Participants in the Cambay Production Sharing Contract are:

  • Oilex Ltd (Operator), 45%
  • Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd, 55%