Toreador: Initial Results from Romanian Exploration Program

Toreador Resources says that in Romania the Naeni-2 Bis well has reached total depth at 1,384 meters (4,542 feet) and encountered both oil and gas shows in the expected intervals. Logs and drill stem tests were inconclusive, however, and well operations are temporarily suspended while the drilling rig is being moved to the Lapos-2 location to drill another prospect. A workover rig is scheduled to move onto the Naeni-2 Bis location to conduct further testing and other well operations.

The Naeni-6 well is drilling ahead after setting surface casing at approximately 296 meters (971 feet) depth. The well is scheduled to be drilled to a total depth of 2,000 meters (6,563 feet).

Elsewhere, Toreador reports that its Hungarian exploration wells were non-commercial and operations are set to begin on the Ot-Ny-5 re-entry well.

The Kiha-D1 well was plugged after gas shows were encountered during drilling but logs and testing did not discover any commercial hydrocarbons. The Ot-Ny-2 well also did not encounter commercial hydrocarbons but the well is being completed as a disposal well.

The Ot-Ny-5 re-entry well, which as previously reported flow tested 1.5 MMCFD of natural gas and 14 barrels of oil per day, is being re-entered to test a set of lower perforations in a carbonate to determine if there is an oil leg below the productive zone. An acid treatment is planned to stimulate the lower perforations.