Norwegian Oil Service Workers Strike Continues

The mediation between the oil services workers and the Norwegian Oil Industry Association did not result in a solution of the deadlocked dispute. NOPEF and The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) met at the State Mediator's office in Oslo Monday August 5th at 11 o'clock. At midnight it was clear that the parties were far from an agreement. The mediation had failed and the strike continues. NOPEF's negotiation leader Leif Sande could merely state that the counter part showed no will to split the difference.

We presented some minor changes, and NOPEF's negotiators went to the greatest possible length to adjust their claims, but in vain. This is the most peculiar negotiation I have ever participated in, says Sande. During the entire mediation all communications took place through the mediator. OLF refused to meet us directly as long as the mediation lasted, says an indignant Sande. The atmosphere in NOPEF's negotiation committee was below zero when the members left the mediator's office at midnight.

The conflict started July 5th, and has gradually been stepped up. Since last weekend 412 oil service workers have been on strike. The oil service collective agreement covers 3.500 employees, of whom 2.000 are working offshore.