TGS-NOPEC Begins Barents Sea 3D Survey

TGS-NOPEC and WesternGeco have started a new multi-client 3D survey in Barents Sea. The survey is located NE of Norsk Agip's Goliath discovery along the same geological trend and will cover an area of 850 square kilometres over open non-licensed acreage. The 3D, classified as a high-density program, is based on TGS-NOPEC's multi-client 2D data acquired in 2001 in the same area. The data will be jointly owned by TGS-NOPEC and WesternGeco and is partly funded by oil companies.

The data will be acquired (M/V Diamond with 8 streamers) and processed by WesternGeco under joint supervision in accordance with the Norwegian Cooperation Agreement between the two parties. Final data from the survey will be available in February 2003.