Knight Manufacturing Introduces Pipe Safety Basket

Knight Manufacturing has designed an advanced level pipe basket that provides safe and secure transportation of drill stem components.

"Knight Companies have always been committed to safety," said President Mark Knight. "This pipe basket design reinforces our efforts in maintaining safe work environments—whether on site or in transit."

The Pipe Safety Basket features integral ratchet straps, ensuring a safe and secure load. The elevated and enclosed bottom frame of the safety basket also complies with newer dockside mandates for Dropped Object Regulations.

Knight's Pipe Safety Basket is proof full-load tested to 55,000 pounds—or 2.5 times the maximum weight limit of 22,000 pounds. The rigging components of Knight's Pipe Safety Basket are rated to 1.5 times the maximum load weight. And, the baskets are post-load tested with full mag-particle inspection of all lifting points.

Designed for single-line lifts on offshore locations, the pipe basket offers a significant savings in location handling expenses.

"Because the safety baskets can be stacked two high, its dimensions and maximum weight limits allow for the transportation of two baskets on a standard 18-wheeler float," Knight said.

The Pipe Safety Basket also includes a protective enclosure—reducing damages that often occur during shipping. Reinforced end area enclosures shield connections and offer protection from load shifts during handling and shipping.

The safety basket also allows for crane or forklift accessibility for loading and unloading.

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