Antech Introduces Wireless Shot Detector

AnTech Limited has introduced a new shot detection system called the Gun Shot. The Gun Shot is a wireless system that detects and records the sound of perforation shots made downhole.

A completely self-contained system, the Gun Shot records the sound of perforation shots downhole that normally can't be heard at the surface. It then transfers the readings produced to a file located on the technician's laptop.

The Gun Shot has a unique on-board memory that stores data and prevents it from being lost in the event of a power failure or radio transmission problems. Its “cable free” feature also means that the Gun Shot's data is of the highest integrity, as there is no risk of losing data as the result of damage to cables.

For quality assurance purposes, it is good practice to record perforation signals because it eliminates potential conflicts about the success of the shots between the service company and the operator. Detecting perforation shots downhole has always been a challenge. “By the time perforation shots have reached the surface, the earth will have naturally filtered out frequencies produced by shots downhole,” said Toni Miszewski, Managing Director of AnTech. “To detect these shots, service companies have been forced to use sophisticated systems to reliably detect firing. However, with our new Gun Shot, expensive systems are no longer necessary. The system makes it possible to detect readings as low as 10Hz, which is suitable for perforating. It then records these signals into a sound file on the technician's laptop where they can be played back, printed and signed off,” he added.

Wireless Feature Reduces Installation Time and Potential Data Loss

Installing shot detector systems with wires is time-consuming, not to mention risky. If wires are damaged, valuable data can be lost forever. AnTech's wireless technology helps to eliminate these problems and reduce wiring costs, while providing a very effective shot detection system. Because the Gun Shot is wireless, it is simple and quick to install. As a result, lengthy installation costs are eliminated without sacrificing quality. To install and operate the system, the user simply stabs the geophone into the ground, switches it on, heads over to the receiving unit and begins logging data.

The wireless Gun Shot is the latest addition to AnTech's range of data acquisition systems, including the DAQ>W, which transmits data wirelessly via narrow band radio transmission from the well site.

AnTech Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative products for the international upstream oil and gas industries. Founded in 1993 in Exeter, England, AnTech Ltd is known throughout the world for its range of award-winning coiled tubing tools, and permanent completion products. AnTech Ltd managing director and founder Toni Miszewski holds many patents for related oil tools and technologies he has developed over the years.

AnTech specializes in manufacturing downhole tools for coiled tubing operations including its flagship product – COLT he coiled tubing drilling assembly for underbalance wells; hazardous area data acquisition systems and oilfield software. As one of the leading design engineering companies in the UK, most major oil services companies have retained AnTech Ltd to develop coiled tubing, downhole and completion tools on their behalf. As a result, operators and service companies actively use AnTech's pioneering products and technology to maximize oil production performance in a safe and cost-effective manner.