Oilex Set to Begin Sabarmati Workover

Oilex Ltd said that following approval of the work program by the Government of India, the company is initiating field rehabilitation activities on the Sabarmati Field. On completion of the first of these activities, Oilex expects the production rate from Sabarmati-1 well to increase from the current average 2-5 barrels of oil per day to a sustainable rate of 75-90 barrels of oil per day.

The field is located on the southern culmination of a trend of producing oil fields operated by ONGC, on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat. Oil has been produced from the one well in the Sabarmati Field Contract Area at very low rates on an intermittent basis since 2001 when the Niko-GSPC Joint Venture intervened in the well.


Late last year, in anticipation of approval by the Government of the assignment of 40% interest from Niko in the field, Oilex commenced an influx study on the potential productive capacity of the existing well. The rate at which fluid flowed into the well bore under controlled pressure conditions was measured over a fixed period each day in 2 phases. The fluid was separated through the surface facilities, measured to ascertain the average water cut and the oil was stored for later sale to ONGC, the nominated buyer. The proportion of water in the total fluid volume dropped to about 2% - 5% after the first day of testing and maintained that level for the duration of both phases.

The well has produced, in total, about 9,800 barrels of oil since it started producing in 2001 and is currently producing at 5-10 barrels of fluid (2-5 barrels of oil) per day under natural flow from an Eocene reservoir which is about 5m thick, through 2m of perforations. The results of the influx study indicate that the flow rate could be increased to an average sustainable rate of about 75-90 barrels of oil per day with the installation of an hydraulic sucker rod pump. The equipment is on order and is expected to be installed by the end of February. Existing production facilities at Sabarmati Field are capable of handling more than 600 barrels of fluid (oil plus water) per day.


From experience at the Cambay Field to the south, a critical component of the rehabilitation program is the acquisition of new seismic data. Although difficult to acquire in this built up area, Oilex is investigating the possibility of conducting a survey within the next 4 months using an innovative low-impact seismic technology that will greatly enhance the potential coverage of the contract area. A single vintage seismic line is the only existing coverage.

In the event that the seismic survey and estimates of potential reserves justify further work, the intent is to drill additional wells, subject to Joint Venture approval, to improve the field production rate.

Participants in the Sabarmati Production Sharing Contract are:

  • Oilex NL (India) Holdings Ltd (Operator), 40%
  • Gujarat State Petroleum Corp. Ltd, 60%