Petrobras Begins Bidding for P-47 Conversion

Petrobras intends to bid the building and installation of a plant in the domestic market for oil treatment in platform P-47. The P-47 is an FSO built between 1997 and 1999 from a petroleum ship with a storage capacity between 900 thousand and 1 million barrels of oil. This unit operated in Campo de Roncador until March 2001. Now, the unit will undergo a conversion and will be shifted to Campo de Marlim, where it will restart operating in mid 2004, placed in water depths of up to 189 meters.

After the new work is completed, P-47 will have, in addition to the current storage capacity, the ability to treat up to 150 thousand barrels of oil per day, reducing the water and salt content of the oil, thus increasing its quality standard and, consequently, its international market value.

Campo de Marlim, the largest producer in the country, currently produces approximately 600 thousand barrels of oil per day, a part of which has been exported to nearly 20 countries in Europe, America and Asia. The exported volume is approximately 230 thousand barrels a day.

With the installation of this plant, Petrobras will save the oil transportation, still with water and a high content of salt, to the refining units on land, to be treated and attain the necessary specification for sale. With P-47, the product will be sent abroad directly from the Campo.

In addition to building up and installing the oil treatment plant , services include an increase of energy generation capacity for the unit and the enlargement of facilities and respective utilities (air conditioned, steam, compressed air, etc).

In light of the high competitiveness to carry out this kind of work in the domestic market, only Brazilian companies will be invited to bid. The conversion services will start in December 2002, soon after the bidding is concluded.