Hydro Applies New 3D Software to Worldwide Ops

Hydro has confirmed a global multi-license software deal with ffA to apply the product of an intensive research and development project across its global exploration and development operations.

The deal is focused on Hydro AVI, a powerful new software application that combines advanced 3D image processing, visualisation and analysis techniques to extract subsurface information from 3D seismic data with unprecedented clarity and speed.

New software and workflows emerging from the project were proven on operational data sets and quickly demonstrated dramatic improvements in subsurface imaging clarity and, in turn, has contributed to achievement of significant gains in drilling success.

Dr Chris Leppard, Hydro Senior Geologist and leader of the ffA project, believes the collaboration has been an outstanding success: "Hydro started working with ffA in 2004, and it is remarkable that we have managed to produce a step change in 3D seismic analysis technology in such a short time. The quality of our relationship is excellent, and a major factor has been ffA's consistency in developing innovative technology to challenging specifications, on time and in budget."

Jonathan Henderson, ffA's Managing Director, has been closely involved with the project since inception: "Hydro has a serious corporate commitment to innovation and we have been impressed by their drive to make things work. Taking Hydro AVI from concept to operational adoption in two years is an exceptional achievement. ffA's background technology was designed to facilitate fast track development, and I am delighted that Hydro saw the potential and were able to exploit it."

Foster Findlay Associates Limited (ffA) is a leader in the development and commercialization of 3D seismic image processing technology for the oil and gas industry. ffA provides products and services to majors, NOC's and senior independents worldwide.

ffA Technology improves estimation of reserves, de-risking of drilling targets and well path planning by extracting comprehensive and detailed geological information from 3D seismic data, rapidly, objectively and reliably.

Development of ffA technology is informed by demanding R&D relationships with major operators. ffA Technology has been proven on over 100 operational projects, from characterisation of deep water channels offshore Angola to close focus fault imaging in the North Sea and delineation of complex salt bodies in the Gulf of Mexico.

ffA is an independent UK company with offices in Aberdeen and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.