OpenSpirit to Provide Data, App Integration for Norsk Hydro

As part of a two-phase project to more effectively leverage key applications and data across multiple offices in several countries, Hydro--one of Europe's leading oil and energy companies--has selected OpenSpirit as its data and application integration provider. This OpenSpirit implementation comes after an extensive application portfolio review to identify all business-critical G&G applications within Hydro. OpenSpirit will be used to seamlessly integrate this select list of applications.

Hydro's multidisciplinary teams rely on a number of petrotechnical products. During Hydro's portfolio review, applications and databases were selected that are critical to Hydro's workflows. OpenSpirit will assist Hydro's geoscientists and technicians in making these products work together.

The OpenSpirit framework will provide Hydro with seamless data transfer between applications and data stores, a common interface to concurrently search, select and transfer data from multiple data stores, as well as QC tools and subsurface environments. This streamlined approach will result in increased efficiency, better productivity and reduced IT and data management costs.

"We are committed to Hydro's success and appreciate the opportunity to make a difference within their organization," said Dan Piette, President & CEO of OpenSpirit. "This is not only an investment in our technology, but in our people and future vision, as well."

The OpenSpirit Corporation, based in Sugar Land, Texas, began operations in July 2000 as an independent software company focused on providing integration solutions for upstream applications and data. The OpenSpirit application integration framework allows interoperability between multiple vendors' applications and data. To date, more than 30 software vendors have licensed the OpenSpirit developer's kit. Additionally, there are now more than 1500 oil company end users in more than 50 countries taking advantage of the framework to speed up critical work flows and enhance analysis in the geotechnical space, with more adopting the solution every day.