Devin Introduces Dual Compensating Intervention Tower

Devin International on Friday unveiled to the oil & gas market a modular motion-compensation tower that adapts to any type of vessel, platform or rig that is experiencing motion during the well intervention stage.

The dual compensating intervention tower, characterized by its ability to move in two directions on its vertical axis, is an economical and safe solution when operating well intervention or plug and abandonment equipment, the company said.

The tower compensates for up to 10 feet of rise-and-fall motion, sufficient for most jobs, but it can correct up to 20 feet of vertical motion with the use of a double shive system, doubling capacity while maintaining a minimal footprint.

It can work over a moon pool or cantilever over the side or the rear of the vessel and is capable of working over a single well at full capacity or two wells with lesser capacity. Standing generally at 35 feet tall, the agile tower is height-adjustable to accommodate the size of the tubing or wireline used and water depth at the site.

Devin's tower concept emerged as a tool to expedite the industry's recovery in the Gulf of Mexico from damage by Hurricanes Ivan (2004), Katrina and Rita (2005). These intense storms wreaked widespread pipeline damage, creating a backlog of recovery work that far exceeds the capacity of those vessels properly equipped as a base to perform such work. Demand for all available vessels to serve deepwater projects has even created a shortage of vessels suitable for shallow depths.

The intervention tower is an effective alternative for these situations. For instance, the tower is suitable for barges, therefore adept for use in shallow water.

Devin's compensating tower is currently working on an Ivan recovery project at Main Pass in the Gulf of Mexico, south of Venice, La. The tower is contracted through January.

With a lift capacity of 75 tons, the tower is limited only by the length and capacity of the wireline or coiled tubing and the intervention tools it supports. It has not reached a field test benchmark it was unable to support.

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