Anzon Plans Sidetrack from West Kruh-3

Anzon Energy Limited (Anzon) said that the drilling and evaluation of the West Kruh-3 appraisal well has been completed and the well is to be sidetracked.

West Kruh-3 was spudded on 16 November 2006. The well is located 0.5 km east-southeast from the West Kruh-2A well where Anzon discovered a new oil accumulation in December 2005. The well was drilled as planned to a total depth of 5,390 feet reached on 13 December. Sample analysis and wireline logs indicate that relative to the West Kruh-2A discovery well, West Kruh-3 encountered less reservoir sands and was structurally lower than was prognosed with the result that the well failed to encounter commercially significant hydrocarbons.

The well has been plugged back in preparation for drilling a sidetrack well directed towards a structurally higher location where the Benakat Sandstone reservoirs productive in West Kruh-2A are more likely to be present within structural closure. In the event that the sidetrack is successful, the well will be completed as an oil producer.