Weather Woes Again Limit Selmo Production

For the second year running, severe weather conditions have negatively impacted production from the Selmo area in southeastern Turkey, said Gerard J. McGann, managing director of Perth, Australia-based Incremental Petroleum Limited.

On 26 December, a vicious weather front moved into the Selmo area, bringing about a meter of snow and strong winds. The strong winds and snow brought down some infield power lines, resulting in a number of wells being shut down. Infield improvements completed throughout 2006 along with new equipment have limited the impact of the shut-down.

The weather since this event has set records in the area for the length and severity of the cold snap – night time temperatures have been below minus 20ºC , and have dipped to minus 26ºC, with daytime temperatures not rising above freezing. These weather conditions are unprecedented in the memory of staff who have worked on Selmo over the last 25 years. McGann said the weather front appeared to come from the Iran-Iraq region and was not forecast by any of Incremental's weather services.

Of the 14 wells that came down on 26 December, 11 are still offline, two with problem electrical overhead lines and nine with frozen flowlines. Attempts to heat the flowlines have been unsuccessful (earth temperatures have been minus 15ºC for a number of days), and the current operation is laying new flowlines over the worst frozen sections. Current production is about 900 bopd, with a total deferred production over this period of about 5,000 barrels. The current weather forecast suggests continued similar conditions over the next week. The strategy of temporarily replacing frozen flowlines will allow wells to be brought back onto production in the coming days.

On a more positive note, McGann said that Incremental continues to see encouraging results from the Edirne Koyostu well (Incremental 15%) and looks forward to the next announcement on the matter from Otto Energy.