Anzon Australia Putting Finishing Touches on Basker Manta

The Basker Manta Project commissioning has progressed over the past two weeks, since commencement on December17, 2006, with uninterrupted production of approximately 90 thousand barrels (6000 bopd). Wells Manta 2A, Basker 2, and 5 have been flowed, and Basker 4 has had gas injected into it, as planned.

Full rates, however have not yet been achieved as the gas injection compressor (a 7500 HP gas turbine driven centrifugal compressor), is undergoing balancing and tuning as is required of any new installation. This fine tuning is expected to continue till the coming weekend. Full rates of up to 25,000 bopd, with associated gas injected into Basker 4, at up to 35 MMscfd is forecast when the fine tuning is completed.

The participants in the Basker-Manta Joint Venture are Anzon Australia as operator with 50% and Beach Petroleum with 50%.