Nigeria Seeks to Raise OPEC Output Quota Levels

A top Nigerian oil official will ask OPEC to increase the country's oil production quota. Rilwanu Lukman, the Nigerian Presidential Adviser on Petroleum and Energy, confirmed that Nigeria is seeking a higher oil quota. "Of course we want our quota increased, just like every other member of OPEC," said Lukman, who is also president of the oil cartel. "We will make our case accordingly. "When it is the appropriate time, we are going to present our data, facts, figures and justification for a quota increase," he said.

"We don't have any specific date that we are tabling our request. If you don't want to prejudice your position on this issue, you talk less because every member of OPEC is agitating for quota increase." OPEC ministers are due to meet on September 19 to consider oil output policy for the fourth quarter.