AMEC Lands Two Engineering Contracts in Indonesia

AMEC Berca Indonesia (ABI), AMEC's wholly Indonesian joint venture company with CCM Group, based in Jakarta, has been awarded two oil and gas engineering contracts in Indonesia.

The first is for Premier Oil Natuna Sea BV, who will be carrying out production capacity enhancement and upgrade projects to its West Natuna facilities. ABI's scope of work will include provision of basic and detailed brownfield engineering services.

The second contract is for onshore engineering and design work on TOTAL E&P Indonesie's Tatun Oily Water Platform. ABI's contract was awarded by main contractor PT Meindo Elang Indah (Meindo), for services on the TOTAL operated facilities at the Tatun Production Unit (CPU), located on the Mahakam River delta in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

With the aim of improving performance of the present oily water treatment system and complying with environmental requirements, TOTAL has decided to upgrade the existing system with the construction of a new 800-tonne pile-mounted oily water treatment platform, related offsite facilities and modifications to existing facilities, to be constructed to the south-east of the existing TCP Platform.

As design subcontractor, ABI will be responsible for the overall performance of detailed engineering work, including pre-engineering, survey, detailed engineering, maintenance engineering and final documentation. The engineering phase will be completed in May 2007, with the platform due to commence operation in December 2007.