Hardman Shareholders Vote in Favor of Acquisition by Tullow

Shareholders of Hardman Resources Limited (ASX: HDR; LSE: HNR) voted in favor of a resolution proposing agreement to the Scheme of Arrangement with its shareholders (excluding Tullow Oil plc) for the acquisition of Hardman Resources Limited by Tullow Oil plc (LSE: TLW).

At a General Meeting of shareholders held in Perth, Western Australia, the resolution was passed by a majority in number of shareholders (excluding Tullow Oil plc) voting (either in person or by proxy) and passed by over 75% of the votes cast on the resolution.

A total of 94.38% of the shareholders (excluding Tullow Oil plc) voted in favor of the merger.

The Federal Court of Australia is due to consider the proposed Scheme for approval on December 19, 2006.

Shareholders have until 7.00pm (Perth time) on December 22, 2006 to lodge a valid Election Form for Scheme Consideration, in the absence of which they will be deemed to have elected to receive Cash Consideration in respect of their shareholding in Hardman.