PetroCom Expands Communication Solutions

In the anticipation of heightened activity for the next several hurricane seasons, PetroCom LLC has increased its telecommunication services by implementing a full-service emergency response solution for some of BP's largest platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Along with the ability to service all communication needs during a catastrophic event such as a hurricane, the emergency response package also provides the customer with necessary disaster recovery services.

PetroCom created a full-service emergency response solution to service five of BP's offshore platforms. PetroCom secured a secondary teleport in Atlanta that allowed communication services to be transferred from the main teleport in Louisiana in the event of a disaster, natural or otherwise. In addition to servicing the communication needs through the emergency response plan, PetroCom also provides BP with a fully functioning disaster recovery team that includes technicians and engineers that can be on location during an evacuation situation. With the devastating effects on and offshore from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, PetroCom is now able to accommodate the needs of offshore businesses before, during and after such disastrous events.

"Petrocom's emergency response program provides BP with the total communication solution they needed for their deepwater offshore production," said PetroCom's Director of HSE and Emergency Preparedness, John Hebert. "Regardless of what type of disaster and where it happens, they will have communications restored very quickly."

PetroCom LLC is a full-service telecommunications and network solutions company based in New Orleans, LA, with offices in Lafayette, LA and Houston, TX. PetroCom provides voice, data, video and asset tracking solutions for the domestic and international energy services marketplace via its satellite and cellular based infrastructure. PetroCom's satellite offerings are based on state of the art technology for bandwidth sharing via both fixed and stabilized platforms. In addition, PetroCom offers enterprise based cellular networking products and services designed for the global offshore energy marketplace and delivers unrivaled service over a state-of-the-art GSM network covering 100,000 square miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. The portfolio PetroCom has developed over its 20+ years in the offshore industry includes many advanced technologies and pioneering services that serve a demanding clientele.