Australia Welcomes First Offshore CaTS Deployment

Expro International Group has deployed its Cableless Telemetry System (CaTS) for the monitoring of the reservoir pressure and temperature response behind casing in an offshore platform well. This novel application of the CaTS technology was installed in the Thylacine field, operated by Woodside Energy Ltd and located in the Otway Basin off Victoria in South Eastern Australia.

CaTS is a revolutionary development in the field of reservoir monitoring and control that allows real-time information to be transmitted to and from downhole without the use of a direct cabled connection in the well. Its two-way transmission capability enables the remote control of downhole instrumentation, opening the path to the radical redesign of downhole completions.

The CaTS system was installed in a Thylacine well in July 2006 as part of a lower completion assembly that provided zonal isolation between immediately producible reservoir layers and a separate zone, potentially producible in the future. CaTS transmits its data from the reservoir zone being monitored, to a pick-up located further up the well, then onwards to surface using Expro's market leading wireless telemetry technology. The design uses a CaTS receiver located on the unmanned platform topside to collect, process and store the data from downhole. This data is then transmitted from the receiver to the client's onshore facility.

Reservoir connectivity is a common uncertainty in many field developments. Reservoir cross flow information early in the producing life of a field can enable timely planning for infill wells, subsequent development phases and accurate determination of developed reserves. Understanding reservoir connectivity requires a means for monitoring of the pressure decline in potentially producible zones, without direct production from those zones. Typical monitoring solutions include dedicated monitoring wells or cabled external casing gauges, neither of which was considered as suitable for the Thylacine Field Development. Deploying CaTS as part of a lower completion in the casing, permits effective reservoir pressure monitoring without compromising the well's primary deliverability objective or its technical integrity.

Wireless Well Solutions general manager Brian Champion said: "We have performed reservoir monitoring behind casing using CaTS in onshore wells previously, but this latest installation marks our first installation in the offshore platform environment. We are grateful to Woodside for their vision and support in using the technology on Thylacine and look forward to working with them again in the future. This is yet a further example of how operators are applying our CaTS technology to gather high value data that reduces uncertainties in the reservoir model at the development stage."

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