Hovea 2 Well Ready for Production

Origin Energy reports that the Hovea 2 well will now be completed for gas production from the High Cliff sandstone interval that recently flowed gas at a rate of 16.5 million cubic feet per day during a drill stem test.

The setting of production casing in Hovea 2 means that it will now not be possible to sidetrack from this well to test the Dongara Sandstone oil pool intersected by the Hovea 1 well and consequently the rig will be moved to drill a new deviated well (Hovea 3) from a different surface location to test the Hovea 1 oil pool. It is anticipated that the completion of Hovea 2 and the rig move will take approximately 10 days with a further 10 days drilling to the top of the Hovea 1 oil zone. Participants in Hovea 2 are Origin Energy Developments Pty Limited with 50.00% and Arc Energy NL with the other 50.00%.