ChevronTexaco to Lift Force Majeure Shortly

The force majeure announced earlier this week by Chevron Nigeria Ltd. will be lifted "very shortly," the company said in a statement. No indication of timescale for re-opening was given. However, a final round of checks was being conducted on facilities at the Escravos Tank Farm, which was set on fire by lightning Saturday.

It is hoped that very shortly, the Company will lift the Force Majeure it declared on Sunday as a result of the temporary shut-in of crude oil production from its offshore facilities. The statement added that all the production and export facilities at the Escravos terminal had been certified fit for normal operations.

Chevron Nigeria, a unit of ChevronTexaco Corp., declared the force majeure following the fire and the invasion of its flow stations by women from some its host communities demanding jobs and the provision of amenities for the locals. The two incidents led to the shut-in of about 400,000 barrels of crude a day by the company, which has a production figure of about 450,000 b/d.