The San Alberto Field Sets Production Record


The San Alberto field, operated by Petrobras Bolivia, set a historical production record last December 5th, topping out at a production volume of 12.5 million cubic meters of natural gas and 10,209 barrels of oil.

The production registered on that day is a mark, as it is the biggest of the year and of the field's history.

That day, this block's gas plant operated at 95% of its capacity, allowing sales of 12.2 million cubic meters of natural gas. This allowed the company to fulfill its commitments, minimizing the Sabalo Plant production restriction, where recovery work for the Quebrada Los Monos gas pipelines are currently underway.

The record results from a series of adjustments that have been deployed and proves the high production level allows the gas plant's process to be carried out with greater efficiency and stability.

These achievements show Petrobras is on the right path towards ongoing improvement. The record doesn't result from investments alone, however. It also reflects the integrated efforts and the workforce's qualifications.