Maintenance Work Begins at Mittelplate Drilling & Production Island


The Mittelplate Consortium – consisting of RWE Dea AG as operator with Wintershall AG as a partner – commenced a program of maintenance measures on the fortification made of rocks and mortar that surrounds Mittelplate Drilling and Production Island.

Work on this so-called scour protection is proceeding in the southern sector of Mittelplate Drilling and Production Island.

In the course of the existence of the artificial island for more than twenty years now, tides and weather have steadily eroded the fortification, and maintenance work is now due. To this end, the scour protection is being reinforced over a section of about 80 meters. A composite weave is laid down first and then packed with stone rubble. To increase the stability of the packing, the rocks in the upper part are subsequently bound with a particularly water-resistant mortar.

The maintenance program does not require any vehicle movements on the tidal flats, as the rubble is transferred directly from work barges. The repair work is expected to last five weeks.