Bayou City Kicks Off Zodiac II Ops

Bayou City Exploration, Inc.

Bayou City Exploration, Inc. said that it has commenced operations on its Walker Louisiana Properties 18-1 Well located in its Zodiac II Prospect, Calcasieu Parish Louisiana. The Zodiac II Prospect will target the Amph B sands, A series sands and Siph d sands. These formations are some of the main hydrocarbon producers in the area. The total measured depth is expected to reach 8,000 feet. Based on its analysis of available data, the Company expects the Zodiac II Prospect could potentially hold as much as 1,000,000 BO plus associated gas. Bayou City has a 18.75% working interest in the Zodiac II Prospect.

Bayou City Exploration, Inc. is an oil and gas exploration firm focused in proven geologic trends in East Texas, the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana. Based in Houston, Texas, Bayou City leverages its management team's long experience and multidisciplinary expertise in applying advanced 3-D seismic analysis, 3-D processing algorithms, amplitude attribute and imaging technologies to the analysis and selection of high-potential prospects with low exploration risk. The company's database has more than 7,500 square miles of 3-D data, most of it covering Bayou City's focus area, as well as 13,000 miles of 2-D data.

Bayou City's Partners in the Zodiac II Prospect include Fairfield Resources Corporation, Petro Resources Corporation and True North Energy Corporation.