Caspian Holdings Reports Progress at Zhengeldy

Caspian Holdings Plc

Caspian Holdings Plc, the oil and gas production and exploration Company in Kazakhstan, as a continuation of its 2006 Drilling Program announced positive results from wells 119 and 121 at its Zhengeldy oil field.

Well 119 was drilled and tested in October 2006 and produced oil flows during November at an average of 30 barrels a day with a water cut of 10%.

The company has received positive log results for its recently drilled Well 121 which reached the target depth of 340 meters on 2 December 2006. Analysis of the open hole log results in Well 121 shows four oil bearing reservoirs between 210 and 316 meters. The combined Net Pay is 19.5 meters including two major oil reservoirs of 9.4 meters between 261 and 276 meters and 7.1 meters between 223 meters and 235 meters. The oil bearing reservoirs have an average Oil Saturation of 65% and average Porosity of 31%. Well 121 is being cased and the production testing of this level will be conducted in December.

During September, October and November extensive workover operations were conducted on eight wells, including a number of recently drilled wells, to improve on overall performance in the field. The results of the workover program to date are varied. Well 102 has been brought into production and work is continuing on well 103 following sanding problems in the pump. Delays have been experienced as a result of workover rig availability and weather conditions. Principal workover operations should now be completed by mid December at which time the company will conduct a review of the performance of the workover program.