Ability Drilling Orders Additional Rigs

Ability Drilling has executed the options for construction of the 3rd drilling rig and the 1st workover rig based on positive feedback from potential clients in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries.

Ability Drilling ASA has presently a manufacturing program for 42 state of the art 4th generation drilling rigs and 42 workover rigs with Sense EDM.

The drilling rig is identical to the 2 rigs under construction, which are progressing on time and on budget.

The 300K Trailorized Rack & Pinion Rig workover rig package is arranged for drilling, snubbing and workover operations to be executed in an efficient and flexible way. Primary objective is to deliver a workover rig where operations are safe, intuitive and efficient.

Due to attractive location related to the MENA core market, Ability Drilling has established a subsidiary on Malta that will own the rigs under construction as well as the remaining option program with Sense EDM.