M-I Epcon Treatment System Halves Oil-in-Water Discharge on Alba


A produced water polishing system designed and operated by M-I Epcon AS, a division of M-I SWACO, has cut in half the amount of oil-contaminated water requiring disposal on the Chevron-operated Alba platform in the UK sector of the North Sea.

The produced water volume on Alba is 300,000 bbl/day, which is among the highest output in the North Sea. The produced water treatment system, comprising eight compact flotation units and a separate vessel to collect recovered oil, has a design capacity for 360,000 bbl/day.

Based in Porsgrunn, Norway, M-I Epcon is the developer of treatment technology designed for removing hydrocarbons, hydrophobic substances, aromatic compounds and small particles from produced water. Its principal technology is the Compact Flotation Unit (CFU) that combines a number of influences, including gas flotation and induced centrifugal inertia forces, to optimize separation. M-I SWACO finalized the Epcon acquisition in February.

Phase two of the Alba project is the initiation of a water re-injection pilot in mid-2007 engineered to inject 60,000 bbl of water per day back into the Alba reservoir via an existing water injection well, according to an article in the Chevron Upstream Europe Insight Magazine.

M-I SWACO, which is based in Houston, TX and jointly owned 60% by Smith International, Inc. (NYSE, PSE:Sii) and 40% by Schlumberger Limited (NYSE:SLB), is a leading supplier of drilling, reservoir drill-in, completion fluids and production chemicals products/systems for the global petroleum industry. In addition, the company also provides a wide range of solids-control, drilling waste management and wellbore clean-up equipment and engineering services.