Aggreko Completes Acquisition of GE Energy Rentals

The acquisition, first announced on September 26, 2006, by Aggreko plc of substantially all the activities (other than those relating to large gas turbines) of GE Energy Rentals, completed on December 4, 2006 for an initial consideration of US$182.8 million.

As previously announced, Aggreko has agreed to purchase during the next 12 months additional fleet to a maximum value of US$29.2m, subject to certain conditions to be satisfied at the time of delivery of those assets. Assuming delivery and acceptance by Aggreko of all these additional assets, the total consideration would be US$212m.

GE Energy Rentals is a major multi-national supplier of temporary power and temperature control equipment and services. It operates from 35 locations in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.