Petrobras: Caranda Field is Back in Operation

Petrobras Bolivia informs that after a 26-hour shutdown, production operations were put back online at the Caranda field, in the Santa Cruz de la Sierra department, Wednesday (11/29), at 10 a.m. Therefore, the oil lifting and the gas compression processes are back to normal.

It was possible to restart operations after the negotiations between the peasant negotiation commission and the authorities that represented the Ichilo province, the Buena Vista municipality, and the deputy minister of Hydrocarbons were wrapped-up.

The activities in the Caranda field, located 100 km north of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, had been suspended for security reasons on Tuesday (11/28), at 6:30 pm, after members of the Buena Vista Single Peasant Central and of nearby communities invaded the facilities. They demanded, among other issues, road pavement, irrigation projects, and cooking gas supply.

In spite of the operation shutdown, at no moment was the internal market fuel supply or natural gas exports to Brazil at risk.

Daily production at Caranda, operated by Petrobras Bolivia, is 520 barrels of oil and 600,000 cubic meters of gas per day. Gas production is exported to Brazil, while the liquids are processed at the Guillermo Elder Bell refinery, in Santa Cruz.