Royal Petroleum Acquires Exploration Leases in New Mexico

Royal Petroleum Corp.

Royal Petroleum Corp. has completed a transaction acquiring oil leases in Hildago County, New Mexico. Currently there have been 28 petroleum-exploration wells drilled, including a 14,585 foot Humble Oil test along the Alamo-Hueco anticline.

The acquisition is in close proximity to one of the only major pipelines in the area making it strategic for producing oil and gas holdings. The leases are geographically situated in the Pedragosa Basin Complex, which is potentially one of the largest natural gas bearing areas. The largest part of this basin lies south in Mexico and is largely unexplored by our Southern neighbors.

At Royal Petroleum Corp., our focus is on the acquisition of existing oil and gas wells, bringing them back into production for re-sale by using the latest technologies available. We strive to continually fulfill the energy requirements of tomorrow by partnering with various organizations and individuals committed to the exploration, development, and production of our domestically abundant natural resources, with a primary focus on crude oil and natural gas. We believe the fundamentals favor crude oil and natural gas as dominant commodities for the foreseeable future and that it is absolutely necessary to look to our domestic sources for our energy needs in the future.