Norway's PSA Supports IADC Guidelines for MODUs

Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

The International Association of Drilling Contractors, the IADC, has drawn up a set of guidelines to make it easier to move a drilling facility from one country's offshore areas to another's, over large parts of the world.

The IADC introduced their new HSE Case Guidelines for Offshore Mobile Drilling Units on October 3, 2006.

This document describes a methodology for assessing compliance with the various international petroleum regulations, to help reduce unnecessary double work when mobile drilling facilities are moved between the different countries' continental shelves, while also helping to document compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements.

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway finds that the document describes a solid methodology for identifying and assessing the requirements of our regulations, as well as for documenting compliance with them. The document may therefore be used as a basis for preparing Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) applications.

We would, however, underline the importance of contacting the PSA quite early when the document is to be used for preparing such an application.