Roxar Launches IRAP RMS Uncertainty Management Module

Roxar has launched its new uncertainty management tool. The new uncertainty management module operates within Roxar's modeling software IRAP RMS and will allow for uncertainties to be quantified across the complete reservoir characterization and development workflow.

Through the new module, uncertainties in depth conversion, structural modeling, geological property modeling and dynamic reservoir simulation can all be simultaneously evaluated ensuring that the full impact of these often independent uncertainties is captured through realistic 3D static and dynamic reservoir models.

The launch of the new uncertainty management module, which comes only three months after Roxar's acquisition of Energy Scitech and EnABLE, the leading history matching and uncertainty estimation software product, means that Roxar now offers the most comprehensive set of uncertainty management tools on the market today.

As opposed to many current 3D model workflows which ignore the uncertainty in the data, IRAP RMS and EnABLE will examine and history match numerous geological scenarios to create simulation models that are fully consistent with their underlying geological interpretation.

Through the analysis of multiple plausible realizations and the incorporation of the data into decision-making, E&P companies will better quantify the effects of uncertainties on volumes and cumulative production and better manage risk.

Roxar CEO, Sandy Esslemont, welcomed the announcement:
"Whether your goal, as an E&P operator, is to shorten field planning cycle times, maximize the recovery ratio from maturing reservoirs or make the best use of technical resources, a better quantifying of uncertainty minimizes risk – often financial risk – and is a crucial part of the decision making process."

"With IRAP RMS and EnABLE, Roxar's uncertainty management solutions cover the complete static and dynamic modeling workflow and the complete E&P lifecycle from the ranking of prospects through to detailed reservoir management. The result is that multi-million dollar decisions, such as bid valuations, new field development and operational plans and divestments, can all be made with the maximum amount of information and with a realistic understanding of the uncertainties involved."

Key benefits of the IRAP RMS uncertainty management module include:

  • The Ability for IRAP RMS to Work alongside EnABLE™. Through the use of advanced bayesian statistics, EnABLE is used worldwide for a better understanding and measuring of uncertainty in reservoir production performance predictions. Working alongside IRAP RMS and Roxar's reservoir simulation tool, Tempest in a 'big loop', Roxar will be able to provide E&P companies with a statistical framework for a rapid understanding of production behaviour and the creation of robust estimates from a shared earth model.
  • A Truly Integrated Modeling Solution, where the new uncertainty management module operates alongside other key IRAP RMS modules, which quantify uncertainty in both static and dynamic analysis.

    Modules include RMSgeoplex, the industry's leading stochastic reservoir modeling solution; RMSflowsim, which integrates dynamic reservoir data with the static model to provide a modern, black oil reservoir simulator; and RMSwellplan, a well planning tool which allows the results of the uncertainty workflow to be used to minimize the risk during the well planning process. The new uncertainty management workflow is also fully integrated with Roxar's Tempest, a robust, fast, memory efficient reservoir simulation tool.

  • Data Analysis and Post-Processing Tools. A complete range of 2D based data analysis tools (box plots, histograms and scatter plots) are available to help identify and understand the impact of the key uncertainties. Post-processing features also include tornado charts – designed to analyze the results in a statistically robust manner, and probability cubes to help identify drilling locations.
  • The Ability to Analyze Uncertainty Across the Entire Workflow - Not Just Geological Modeling. The range of parameter uncertainties include the structure, velocity model, geological environments, net to gross, porosity/ permeability, water saturation, fluid contacts and development scenarios. In addition, with any assessment of uncertainty requiring a robust and reliable model on which to be based, Roxar's industry leading IRAP RMS modeling software provides such assurances.
  • Faster Workflows. A customizable workflow-driven approach enables faster and simpler models of uncertainty to be built capturing the appropriate level of detail for the required decision.
  • Ease of Use and Flexibility. New or existing workflows can be easily turned into uncertainty workflows through a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, without the need to resort to scripting or manual set-up. Advanced features and scripting are however available, ensuring scalability to all levels of user sophistication.
  • Scalability and Memory Efficiency. IRAP RMS operates on the Linux-64 and Windows-64 platforms, benefiting customers through increased data volumes and scalability. Memory efficiency is also helped by the ability to optionally store table-based reports or a subset of models.

The new IRAP RMS uncertainty module is released concurrently with version 8.0 of IRAP RMS, which will include OpenSpirit data access as well as a range of client driven maintenance updates. Highlights include: improvements to the 2D mapping workflow, new geological modeling options, local grid updating and global refinement, platform optimization and visualization of planned wells in Google Earth. IRAP RMS comprises 14 fully integrated software modules.

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