Bricklanding-1 Exploration Well Spudded

Tap Oil

Tap Oil reports that the Bricklanding-1 exploration well has been spud. The well is located in the Carnarvon Basin offshore Western Australia in TP/7 (Part 3) and is being drilling by the Ensco 67.

Bricklanding-1 is a vertical well to a Calypso Sandstone objective and then deviated to a North Rankin Sandstone objective. The proposed total depth of the well is approximately 3,000 meters.

Bricklanding-1 will test a significant low side fault closure against the Flinders fault. Mapped on 3D seismic data, closure is identified at the Late Jurassic Calypso and the Early Jurassic North Rankin objectives.

Bricklanding-1 is expected to take approximately 25 days to drill. TP/7 Participants:

Tap (Shelfal) Pty Ltd 12.474%
Apache Oil Australia Pty Ltd (Operator) 20.000%
Santos (BOL) Pty Ltd (Technical Operator) 63.369%
Pan Pacific Petroleum (SA) Pty Ltd 4.157%