ProAnalysis Delivers First Multipoint OiW Monitoring System

ProAnalysis AS

ProAnalysis AS, a Norwegian supplier of Oil in Water (OiW) monitoring solutions, has developed a new system for advanced multipoint OiW monitoring. The system, Argus Process, will monitor the complete produced water treatment process, and the first delivery will be made in December 2006 to the North Sea Ekofisk field.

The delivery includes a complete Oil in Water monitoring system for advanced process monitoring, incorporating a total of 7 measuring points at different stages of the water treatment process. It is part of a larger project for installation of a full scale CTour water treatment system at Ekofisk, a high profile project that have claimed international attention. ProAnalysis' monitoring system facilitates advanced monitoring of the water treatment process. A continuous, real-time OiW data stream from different stages of the process enables the operator to control and optimize the process based on qualified information, not only from a limited number of manual samples (as current standard method).

"We are very optimistic about the future, and anticipate this delivery to pave the way for further similar deliveries to other North Sea operators," says Jarle Skeidsvoll, Managing Director of ProAnalysis. "Water management systems will be in increasing demand as more and more oil fields mature and go into tail end production, and thus will produce larger quantities of water".

The multipoint OiW monitoring system, named Argus Process, is built on ProAnalysis' Argus technology platform, which uses (laser-induced) fluorescence, a well-established and proven measurement principle, to measure OiW. Combined with ProAnalysis' new proprietary laser-based automated maintenance technology, this enables measurement directly into the produced water pipeline, avoiding complex and expensive bypass solutions. The robust Argus technology can operate at high temperatures and pressures. Summed up, these features render advanced multipoint process monitoring systems possible.

"The Argus Process system is unique. No one has built a similar multipoint system before," says Skeidsvoll. "Operators are now able to optimise the water treatment process on a whole new level. This is a breakthrough for Oil-in-Water monitoring and Produced Water Treatment."

Argus Process represents a new product in ProAnalysis' Argus product line of online Oil in Water monitors. The Argus Environment OiW monitor for discharge and emissions monitoring has been installed on a number of North Sea platforms over the last year, following market introduction in 2005.

ProAnalysis is a supplier of Oil in Water monitoring solutions, located in Bergen, Norway. The company was founded in 1996, and has since 2001 been developing its OiW monitoring technology. Today, ProAnalysis delivers solutions for both environmental (emissions) monitoring and process monitoring. The largest shareholder of ProAnalysis is Statoil Innovation AS.