Miller Reports Gas Find in East Tennessee

Miller Petroleum, Inc. said that it completed drilling operations on the Koppers # 43B on September 29, 2006. This well is among the initial eight wells on the company's Koppers South Prospect that were drilled in the joint venture of Wind Mill Oil and Gas, LLC. These wells have proven a gas field that can potentially produce a substantial amount of natural gas. Future development will define the size of the reservoir.

Production is from both the "Big Lime" and "Devonian Shale," which are prolific producing horizons in the Appalachian Basin. With the completion of the pipeline, gas will be sold into the Powell - Clinch Utility system. "Our geology has been very accurate in the discovery of this field. All eight wells are expected to be commercial producers. We are fortunate to have a field of this size that will add to our reserve and asset base," noted Deloy Miller - CEO - Miller Petroleum.

Miller Petroleum, Inc. is a publicly traded, fully integrated, gas and oil exploration and production company. The company is rapidly increasing natural gas reserves in the Appalachian Basin.