Gaz de France, ffA to Jointly Develop 3D Fault Analysis Technology


Gaz de France and ffA have entered into a collaboration to develop a 3D fault analysis toolset that will provide operators with a more accurate reservoir model and reserve estimates.

The sophisticated 3D seismic attribute analysis tools will enable a greater understanding of the impact of faults on the distribution and extraction of hydrocarbons, supporting well placement and maximization of recovery.

Jean-François Dutzer, Geophysics R&D Manager at Gaz de France, HQ commented: “Gaz de France believes the techniques being developed in collaboration with ffA will enable us to have a 3D understanding of the degree to which faults, as geobodies, may act as flow barriers. This can have a major impact on our exploration risking and development strategies and therefore on the economics associated with a reservoir.”

ffA’s team of seismic image analysis and software engineering experts will work with Gaz de France Affiliates from Britain, France, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.

The tools will be commercialized by ffA and be available through ffA Services from July 2007 and integrated into the January 2008 version of SVI Pro, ffA’s flagship product for processing and analysis of 3D seismic data.

Jonathan Henderson, Managing Director at ffA commented: “With exploration and production trends moving towards more complex reservoirs there is a need for subsurface technology that can provide more detailed reservoir understanding. By partnering with an experienced operator like Gaz de France to broaden ffA’s fault workflow it ensures that we are directly meeting the challenges faced by our clients in today’s O&G environment.”

Foster Findlay Associates Limited (ffA) is a world leader in the development and commercialization of 3D seismic image processing technology for the oil and gas industry. ffA provides products and services to majors, NOC’s and senior independents worldwide.

ffA Technology improves estimation of reserves, de-risking of drilling targets and well path planning by extracting comprehensive and detailed geological information from 3D seismic data, rapidly, objectively and reliably.

Development of ffA technology is informed by demanding R&D relationships with major operators. ffA Technology has been proven on over 100 operational projects, from characterisation of deep water channels offshore Angola to close focus fault imaging in the North Sea and delineation of complex salt bodies in the Gulf of Mexico.

ffA is an independent UK company with offices in Aberdeen and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.