Cantex Processes Big Canyon Seismic

Cantex Energy Corp.

Cantex Energy Corp. said that the company has successfully completed seismic processing on all three of the 2D Swath lines on its Big Canyon Project, located in its Val Verde Basin, Terrell County, Texas leasehold. The lines will determine where a structural closure may occur on the leasehold. The processed migrated data is currently being shipped to the company's geophysicist for interpretation of the seismic shoot.

Trace Maurin, President of Cantex Energy Corp., stated, "The completion of the seismic processing was delayed due to the abundance of work currently ongoing in the oil and gas industry. Even though service delays in the industry are commonplace at present, we appreciate our shareholders' patience and understanding. We will be consulting with our geophysicist as he reviews the seismic data and will make every effort to expedite the delineation of the results of the seismic Swath lines. We remain focused on our current and future prospects, aspiring to take advantage of every opportunity such that we can position Cantex as a major player in the oil and gas industry."

Cantex also reported that the second of three wells located in the Barnett Shale, Johnson County, Texas, is in the final stages of completion. This well is the Robertson #1H and is operated by Star of Texas Energy. Cantex shares a 2% working interest in the project.

Additionally, the company continues to explore the opportunities for the West Ant Hills Prospect in Niobrara County, Wyoming. Cantex will be receiving bids for the 3D shoot, which spans approximately 1,200 acres, to identify this leasehold's potential for exploitation and development.

Cantex Energy Corp. is an independent, managed risk, oil and gas exploration, development, and production company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. The company's additional focus is the optimal exploitation and development of approximately 1,200 acres known as the West Ant Hills Prospect located in Niobrara County Wyoming.