PHI Confirms Return to Work Offer from Pilots' Union

PHI, Inc. said that it has received written confirmation from the OPEIU International's leadership, as PHI had requested, confirming that the pilot strike has ended and the return to work offer was, in fact, authorized and validly ratified by the union membership. PHI was also advised that the OPEIU International's General Counsel would be coordinating the matter.

There are, of course, complex practical and legal issues related to appropriate return to work procedures and requirements that must be considered and resolved before the union's offer can be implemented. PHI Management is in the process of reviewing the details and implications of the union's offer, and will formally respond to the union in due course regarding the commencement of discussions, and acceptable terms and conditions.

PHI provides helicopter transportation and related services to a broad range of customers including the oil and gas industry, air medical industry and also provides third-party maintenance services to select customers.