Isilon Reports Tenfold Increase in Delivery of Seismic Data

Isilon Systems

Isilon® Systems, which provides clustered storage, on Tuesday announced that Arcis Corporation has deployed Isilon IQ to power its entire seismic data processing operations.

Using Isilon IQ, powered by Isilon's OneFS® operating system software, Arcis has unified its vast stores of seismic data into one, easily scalable and shared pool of data and met the concurrent data performance requirements of its 850-node clustered computing farm. By combining Isilon clustered storage with its high-power clustered computing architecture, Arcis has achieved new breakthroughs in the search for oil and gas reserves, accelerating time to results by 10-fold and enabling the company to undertake massive seismic processing projects that were previously unattainable.

"In the ever-intensifying and expanding search to discover new, extractable sources of oil and gas, rapid and accurate analysis of seismic data is the key to gaining a competitive advantage in this high-stakes race and feeding massive consumer demand," said Rob Howey, Senior VP, Arcis Corporation. "In order to maximize the value of our vast library of seismic data and deliver the deepest and most accurate analysis possible to our customers, we require storage with unparalleled concurrent performance, ease of use, simplicity and scalability. Isilon IQ delivered as advertised."

Prior to adopting Isilon IQ, Arcis Corporation had deployed a number of disparate Direct Attached Storage (DAS) systems to manage their ever- increasing amounts of data. These systems could only scale to one terabyte per file system, resulting in the creation of 40 separate volumes or silos of data. These legacy systems were extremely difficult to manage and maintain and did not provide the concurrent data throughput required to keep pace with the more than 30 users accessing the performance-deprived clustered computing farm. In contrast, Isilon clustered storage has enabled Arcis to easily scale its storage, unify vital seismic data into one file system, feed its 850-node clustered computing farm the concurrent data throughput it requires, and increase performance of its seismic applications, thereby dramatically increasing project turnaround time and enabling Arcis to pursue larger and more profitable contracts.

"With Isilon IQ, Arcis Corporation is able to maximize the power of clustered computing and unify all of its raw seismic data into one, easy to manage, single pool of shared data," said Brett Goodwin, VP of Marketing & Business Development, Isilon Systems. "Arcis' ability to leverage the cutting-edge combination of clustered computing and clustered storage into true business breakthroughs -- such as completing projects that used to take eight weeks in five, with an even higher degree of analysis -- truly demonstrates the power and wide enterprise applicability of these technologies."

The acquisition and processing of raw seismic data is an intense process involving massive land and marine projects using both Pre-Stack Time Migration and Pre-Stack Depth Migration -- complex, 24x7 seismic data analysis processes. First, a project site is selected and thousands of sensory devices (geophones) are arranged on the surface in a grid to record the output of a controlled blast or detonation. When the charge is detonated, the geophones trace the blast by collecting time-series data, sampled at 2 milliseconds for a period of up to 8 seconds or more of listening time. This measurement process can result in hundreds of billions of samples and hundreds of millions of traces. Arcis conducts these survey projects independently, as well as processing data from customers' surveys, resulting in tremendous amounts of raw seismic data files up to terabytes in size. With Isilon IQ, Arcis has been able to unify all its data into one easy to manage, single shared pool of storage, maximize the power of its clustered computing farm to achieve deeper, faster analysis and advance its business to the next level.

Isilon IQ delivers the industry's first single file system that unifies and provides instant and ubiquitous access to the rapidly growing stores of digital content and unstructured data, eliminating the cost and complexity barriers of traditional storage architectures. OneFS 4.5 is a unified operating system software layer that powers all of Isilon's award-winning IQ family of clustered storage systems including the Isilon IQ 1920, 3000, 6000, Accelerator, and EX 6000, which are available immediately.