ComFact Completes Two Rig Overhauls for GlobalSantaFe

ComFact Corporation has completed two major rig overhauls for GlobalSanteFe.

A crew made up of welders, fitters, pipewelders and pipefitters was dispatched to Cameroon at the end of March. The crew was responsible for installing new mud pump units and modifying the piping and auxiliary systems associated with the mud pumps, as well as laying the track for a new iron roughneck on a very tight schedule. The work was complete well ahead of the deadline and the crew was able to tackle some other much-needed repairs on the rig.

The Adriatic I, a 300 foot jack-up rig, was in the harbor in Douala, on the west coast of Africa for the duration of the project.

The company was also the primary contractor chosen to perform a major systems overhaul on the Baltic I, a jack-up rig. The crew, including welders, fitters, pipewelders, pipefitters, electricians, QA/QC Inspectors and Safety Inspectors, was charged with all of the mechanical and electrical aspects of removing and installing the mud system along with a portable platform to house the equipment for the mud system. The crew also performed the installation of the BOP stump support with all associated walkways and railings and moving and expanding the living quarters.

The project was successfully fast tracked on a compressed schedule in Chaguaramus, Trinidad. Part of the crew remained on board as the rig traveled to Cameroon to do additional repairs.

"I am proud of the skills and work ethic that our crews bring to these projects" said Bob McAllister, the President of ComFact "The results were outstanding and the client feedback, very positive. I am confident that we will continue to exceed out clients expectations by providing high quality crews."