Nordic Set to Bring Two More Joffre Wells On Production

Donald Benson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nordic Oil and Gas Ltd., said late Thursday that the company has completed drilling and casing of its 15-12-38-25 W4 well in Joffre, Alberta, Canada. This follows Nordic's recent announcement that it had similarly completed drilling and casing of its 16-20-38-24 W4 well, also in Joffre.

As was previously announced, the 15-12-38-25 W4 well is a directional well originating in 16-12-38-25 W4, and was tested to the basal belly river formation.

"Surveying has also been completed and we anticipate that both wells will be perforated and ready for tie-in shortly," Benson stated.

Once these wells have been placed on production, this will bring to seven the number of Nordic Oil and Gas wells currently on production in the Joffre area. In addition, the Company is also awaiting tie-in of three Coal Bed Methane wells drilled earlier this year.